We are a direct pay/membership based practice. This means that instead of going through the fees and regulations of insurance, we are paid directly to work for you.  There are numerous benefits to this system that all benefit you as the patient.

Please note: *Memberships are not an insurance program. Memberships can not be billed or submitted by our office or the member themselves to the insurance company. Insurance does not cover or support wellness or maintenance care.* However, we are able to give members super-bills for single or package visits if they would like to file it themselves with their insurance company.

Don't let insurance dictate your care!

When you get to decide what care you need there are some sweet perks:

  1. No yearly limits
  2. No extra paperwork
  3. No expensive co-pays
  4. No surprise bills!

Do you have a HSA or Flex spending card and don’t know what to do with it? Use it here to pay for your treatment!