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Find the simplest way of eating that doesn’t take you away from enjoying life.

In this day and age it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the “health” opinions out there. Should I eat low-fat food, should I eat paleo, should I be a vegetarian, does everyone need to be gluten free? Dr. Jeff wants you to find the simplest way of eating that doesn’t take you away from enjoying life. During a time of healing food choices may be limited, but he believes that all people can heal their gut and find what is the best way of eating for them as an individual without major restrictions in their diet.

Our Approach

Dr. Jeff’s approach to functional medicine is a cost-effective way of finding the root cause of dysfunction without breaking the bank. Treatments focus on the foundational issues of gut health and a healthy diet first. After a brief dietary assessment has been made, only the minimal necessary lab tests will be done to further assess for dysfunction and hidden issues. Upon review of the results, ┬áminor dietary changes can be made, such as the addition of supplements or herbs, as well as simple lifestyle changes. Once we have reached the desired results, any supplements used will be phased out and life will resume without a strict dietary regimen to follow.

Cost-effective Functional Medicine

The initial visit consists of a thorough history of health concerns and contributing factors, as well as an evaluation of your current diet and lifestyle.


Follow up visits usually are once a month (or more if patient desires) and consist of treatment recommendations, symptom updates, and help achieving new goals.


Lab testing is minimal and usually done only after foundational diet and lifestyle changes have been made. Testing will help guide treatment after initial steps have been made.

Price ranges: $100-200 per test. (usually only 2 tests are ordered if necessary)

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